Venice, tourism 2.0

”We need a different approach to the city now it’s possible”. Leaving aside the debate on the exit of the city from the Tourism monoculture that has penalized us so much in this period and that we would have had to deal with many years ago, the Venice we would like to introduce and “sell” (Strictly in quotes and in the positive sense of the term) To global tourism or what is left of it, it will be a new, unprecedented, renewed Venice and it will therefore depend on our communicative abilities to know how to valorize it and represent it correctly so that we can finally work with medium-high level tourism and not with those who come just to plant the flag, take a selfie and run away.

Tourists who visit our city will find a much improved environmental condition thanks to the decrease in emissions from motor boats and lack of big ships pollution. Tourists who come will be able to walk and visit Venice in absolute tranquillity in a city finally relieved by the burden of mass tourism, exploring the pleasure of the “slow visit”.
Now, my hope is that all the traditional and local Venetian activities such as artisan shops and restaurants that have survived the past years overtourism and the incredible set of negative events like the high tide “Aqua granda” and the virus, can be eventually valorized and supportedit, contributing significantly to the new appeal the city needs to express and communicate.

Tourists who will return to visit us will find an authentic Venice, finally and hopefully cleared of all the homologation and globalization that have led the city to be almost an anonymous and ordinary bazaar.

Venice in the last few years has been a five star restaurant sold as a fast food restaurant (with all due respect for fast food restaurants);
We don’t want to waste the chance that is offered to us to start again from scratch, tourism is definitely a resource, an advantage that lately we shamefully converted in a disadvantage.

To do so, tourists also need to take a different approach to the city, but we must be the one to encourage and support it with our attitude towards them, making them feel no longer simply tourists but welcomed guests of our unique wonder that we were lucky enough to inherited as an engineering miracle on a par with Pyramids, Delta project or the great wall. Let’s try never to forget it and make sure they realize it as well.

Matteo Secchi